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Support Libraries

Target Side

  • Board-level functions for all I/O's
  • DSP/BIOS device drivers for Matador / Velocia cards

Host Side

  • MFC classes (MSVC and .NET), VCL components (Borland BCB)
  • Data handling, graphing, logging, Intel DSP libraries
  • Target boot and download, message exchange
  • Terminal emulator (console mode) for DSP, boot, download

Integrated with CCStudio, Borland & Microsoft

  • Windows 2000 & XP device drivers for all boards, Linux drivers for many
  • DASYLab driver for data acq boards

Target and Host Examples with Source Code

  • Illustrative operation of all board features
  • Communication host/target - bulk data and message exchange
  • Comprehensive examples of  common data acquisition/playback applications


To view documentation, visit www.innovative-dsp.com/products/software


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